Welcome to The BBQ Forum Version 2.0 at https://www.thebbqforum.com 

The Original BBQ Forum served our barbecue world for about 24 years, and was quite unique in that it didnít require any login to post a message so it was a wide-open easy-to-use forum.  

During the last year or so it suffered greatly from spammers from all over the world.  Something had to be done to maintain a quality place for us to share our thoughts on BBQ. 

So I did a review of available Internet tools/platforms and created The BBQ Forum Version 2.0 which allowed some of the look and feel from our original Fourm to be maintained.

The following is a brief tutorial explaining how to use The BBQ Forum Version 2.0:

1.  When you first visit The BBQ Forum Version 2.0 at https://www.thebbqforum.com youíll see the ever present ads and our logo.  The new software is not free software and the ads pay for this software and the annual fees. 

2.  Below the logo is the menu bar which allows you to navigate around this forum. 

3.  On the left side of the menu bar youíll see what looks like a house, thatís the home button. Anytime you want to return to the starting page (home), just click on the home button. 

4.  Next to the home button youíll find the categories link.  Thereís only two categories on this forum, "General BBQ Discussion" and "BBQ Recipies". 

5.  The next button is "Topics" which  will transport you to all the threads/topics included in both the "General BBQ Discussion" and "BBQ Recipies" categories. 

NOTE at the top of the "Topics" page is the "Start New Topic" button.  When you click on it you'll be prompted to either create an account or log in to start a topic.

6.  The "Search" is next on the menu bar feature and allows you to search for anything on this forum and find it really quick.  Incidentally, the old search engine is link is down at the bottom of the forum and is still active and still works great to access the over 300,000 messages posted in the early days of the original Forum. 

7.  Up next is the "Members" button and lists the registered members of our new Forum.  Please remember anyone can read this Forum but you have signed up/register to post messages. 

8.  The last button on the menu bar is the "Calendar" link which eventually will be a great source of information about upcoming events.

When I was setting up The BBQ Forum Version 2.0 I needed some content to populate our new Forum... so I selected some historical posts and laboriously cut and pasted all that information into threads and saved them into 2.0. I started off using my login so youíll see my picture at the bottom of this bunch of messages. I realized people would get tired looking at me so I switched it to a another person that I called OldPosts and used the barbecue forum logo so if you have any questions about how they got there thatís how they got there.

So the next question is how you view these threads, just click the heading of each one that you want to read.

Next how do you post a message... first create an account and then log in on than click the button on the right-hand top corner that says start a new topic.

Then enter the title of your message that will be the beginning of the thread and then enter the content you can select a category next and like I said earlier thereís only two categories and the post message on the right-hand side youíll see a paperclip so if you want attach a document to it you can do that.   The camera icon is there in case you have a picture on your hard drive somewhere and you want to include them in this you can just click the camera and insert picture in the your message.

I have to apologize for the bad grammar that Iíve used in this welcome message but Iíd had to write it in a hurry to help explain things. Iíll reread it later on and try to correct some of the mistakes but if you have any questions feel free to email me or post a message the Forum and Iíll be happy to answer.


Ray Basso